Which Factors are Important in  Your Home Search?

Which Factors are Important in Your Home Search?

Welcome to the wonderful world of the online home search, our century’s most effective way of hunting down the perfect piece of real estate thanks to advancements in digital technology. Gone are the days of sifting through newspapers and catalogs. Now you can simply narrow down your search results with specific criteria and accelerate the home-buying process with relative ease. Of course, narrowing your search depends on what you want and need out of Park City real estate. Summarized below are the eight major factors to keep in mind when deciding what kind of home you want.

Location of the home

It cannot be stressed enough — the location of a home is a monumentally important feature to consider before buying it. A home can be renovated and decorated, but the location cannot be changed, hence the importance of choosing a location you are more than satisfied with. Assess the location based on its proximity to your workplace, traffic, neighbors and community, public transportation, and ease of access to schools, shopping, and other areas of import.

Likewise, the structure and site of the home is just as important. Is it on a hill? What kind of view does it offer? Is there plenty of natural lighting? Do the windows risk loss of privacy? Are there lots of stairs? The accessibility of a home is incredibly important to consider especially if you plan to live there long-term.

Size and floor plan of the home

Homes come in an array of sizes and floor plans, including contemporary, farmhouse, ranch, and classic. These are the most common floor plans found in real estate, and the one you choose depends on your personal preferences and needs.
  • A contemporary floor plan is often known as an open concept floor plan. It involves the shared space between two or more rooms that serve different purposes, allowing for open airflow and a more cohesive communal area. Most contemporary floor plans feature a large living room that blends into the dining room and/or kitchen.

  • A farmhouse floor plan is a traditional, quintessentially American floor plan that designates specific, enclosed spaces for each room. In other words, it’s the opposite of a contemporary floor plan. The second floor is generally for bedrooms only, while the ground floor houses all of the communal rooms.

  • A ranch floor plan consists of a single-level home with a spacious living area, kitchen, and dining room. Ranch-style homes can also have massive basements that are useful for people who need a lot of storage or who want to repurpose the basement into additional rooms.

  • A classic floor plan is a traditional format that has been used for constructing estates for several centuries. Luxurious and elegant, a classic home features the basic living areas, as well as a formal living room, a media room, a library or study, a den, and even a parlor. It’s a widely desired floor plan in luxurious resort towns like Mayflower Resort, Park City.

Rental opportunities

If your goal is to invest in a rental property, it’s important to do your research into which areas will suit your endeavors most closely. Not every home or neighborhood allows for short-term rentals, and there are specific rules and regulations involved. For example, you must obtain a business license in order to maintain an Airbnb vacation rental within Park City. Because the process of purchasing a rental property is more complex, it’s essential to work closely with your real estate agent for expert guidance as you select an appropriate community and property and understand the regulations involved.

Storage space

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Never underestimate how much storage you need. Storage space extends to all of your personal possessions, including holiday decorations, vacation supplies, off-season clothing, and vehicles. Your home should have more than enough room to accommodate everything you need to store when it’s not in use. Nobody wants a cluttered home!


The neighborhood should also meet your expectations. For example, Park City is home to numerous ski resort towns that invite guests from all across the country to enjoy world-class slopes and amenities. As a result, the neighborhoods tend to appeal to tourists, and residents devote extra care to maintaining their properties and providing a welcoming community. Make sure you are comfortable with the neighborhood’s level of activity when browsing The Canyons, Park City real estate and surrounding areas.

Proximity to community

Take into account the home’s proximity to the community and communal region. Unless you prefer a solitary lifestyle, you want to make sure you are within driving distance to enjoy the rest of the luxuries Park City has to offer. Luxurious spas, elegant restaurants, and breathtaking mountains are only a handful of what the city has to offer.


To find the perfect community, look up the neighborhood’s best restaurants, shopping options, and attractions. The local amenities should appeal to you and offer something for everyone in your family.

For instance, if golf is the name of the game, Park City and the surrounding areas are replete with fantastic choices, from Canyons Golf and Park City Golf Club to Park Meadows Country Club.

Winter adventurers will also feel right at home, as Park City is renowned for the Park City Mountain Resort, where epic mountain expeditions become reality. Fly down the slopes, enjoy incredible vistas, and experience a lifetime of memories.

In addition, if you are passionate about health and wellness, make sure that the area’s amenities cater to your interests and lifestyle. Park City is home to several wellness-centered developments, such as Velvaere, Park City’s newest ski-in/ski-out wellness community.

Finally, make sure to keep your children in mind when it comes to schools and family-friendly activities.

Appearance and curb appeal

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Appearance is everything in the world of real estate, because you want your home to be more than a building you live in — it needs to be a home. Search for a home that reflects your personal style and captures who you are and what you aspire to be. If you love modern styles, opt for a home with a sleek, chic aesthetic. If you’d like something a little more cozy, cabin-inspired luxury homes are plentiful in Park City.

Curb appeal is also another factor to consider for your home search, as this is the first impression people see when they look at your home from a street view. When you look at a home and find yourself mesmerized by its beauty and structure, sometimes that’s all it takes for you to know that this is the home you’ve been looking for.

Searching for real estate is a breeze when you enlist the aid of a top-tier Park City real estate agent like Keri Holland. Her wealth of expertise and experience defines her as an elite agent in the region and an invaluable ally to any home buyer in the market for a home in one of Park City, Utah’s luxury resorts. Connect with her today.

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