Deseret News-Velvaere Groundbreaking of Residences

Deseret News-Velvaere Groundbreaking of Residences

At Velvære, home is where the health is

Magleby Development’s new housing project on the Wasatch Back has plans to  feature the healthiest homes technology can offer 
By Lee Benson| Dec 11, 2022 5 p.m. MST
Residences in Velvære, a wellness community adjacent to Park City’s Deer Valley Resort, are under construction on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022. 
The residences, which are 2,600 square feet to 4,600 square feet  
with four to five bedrooms, are projected to start in the $5 million range. 
Laura Seitz, Deseret News
At first glance, the upscale development with the exotic sounding name  appears to be just like all the other upscale developments with exotic  sounding names. 
Heaven knows, there are plenty of them here in the mountains along the  Wasatch Back, where ski-in, ski-out access is all the rage and homes cost as  much as LeBron James’s salary. 
But wait. 
Does anyone else offer circadian rhythm lighting? 
Does anyone else offer halotherapy? 
Does anyone else offer advanced air purification and water filtration? 
It is the not immodest boast of the 115 residences of the soon-to-be-built  Velvære community development that they will be the healthiest homes in  America. 
You think it’s clean living outside, wait’ll you step inside. 
* * *
Chad Magleby, CEO of Magleby Development, stands in the area where Velvære,
a wellness community adjacent to Park City’s Deer Valley Resort,
will be built on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022.
Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Chad Magleby is a second generation Utah homebuilder. He’s been in the  brick-and-mortar business ever since his father, Paul, started Magleby  Construction in the 1970s. 
But right now he isn’t talking brick and mortar. He’s talking wellness. 
“We’re trying to revolutionize what it means to be well. Our intentional and  deliberate focus is on incorporating and integrating wellness into our  community,” he says as he shows off the foundations that were poured just  this morning — the first in the Magleby development located at the base of  the now-under-construction ski resort that sits adjacent to Deer Valley  Resort.
The ski area — projected to be twice as large as Deer Valley if all goes as  planned — has not been named. For the moment, people are calling it  Mayflower, for the nearest exit off of U.S. 40. 
The new housing development, however, has been named. 
“It’s pronounced ‘Vell-Vair,’” says Chad, who explains that Velvære is a  Norwegian word that translates to “A state of well-being where nature and  surroundings are intrinsically linked to being whole.” 
Air, water and light are what Chad calls “the big three pillars” of a healthy  environment. To that end, Velvære houses will feature top-end purified air  and water filtration systems designed to block virtually all toxins and  pollutants, while the lighting systems will feature circadian rhythm lights  that dim and brighten as if you were outside under the sun. 
“What happens is we put ourselves in these manmade boxes that have the  same light temperature coming out of lightbulbs all day,” says Chad, “As a  result, we condition our bodies to not know how to go to sleep largely  because of the light that’s been introduced into our homes. Ketra is a  product (we use) that has a smart computer program built into the backside,  so the lights inside your home change with the color temperature of the  light outside.” 
Beyond homes with the best natural light, cleanest air and purest water  technology can produce, the Velvære community will include a stand-alone  wellness center featuring an array of health-inducing things, from traditional  saunas and steam rooms to halotherapy (sniffing salt) to hyperbaric  chambers (breathing in pure oxygen) to IV therapy (getting nutrients  without eating) to cryotherapy, which involves plunging into a chamber full  of liquid nitrogen at minus 220 degrees for three minutes (great for  circulation and the skin — providing you survive).
That’s in addition to the skiing and hiking, biking and jogging trails right  outside your door.
Chad Magleby, CEO of Magleby Development, left, and Dayson Johnson,  
vice president of Magleby Construction, stand in the area where Velvære, a wellness community 
adjacent to Park City’s Deer Valley Resort, will be built on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022.
Laura Seitz, Deseret News
“Think of it as a country club for wellness,” says Chad. “I will tell you the  technology is out there to help us try to grow younger instead of grow  older.” 
Chad has been thinking about building these kinds of healthy homes ever  since he was 31 and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a situation he  attributes, at least in part, to an unhealthy diet. 
“Oh man, I had a horrible lifestyle,” he confesses. “I love sugar, it was bowls  of ice cream and candy corn as much as I could eat. Halloween was  definitely my favorite holiday. I like to tell people I earned my diabetes fair  and square.”
Becoming suddenly health conscious at a young age affected his outlook on  homebuilding. As he worked alongside his father and eventually took over  the family business, he identified more and more ways to build healthier  houses. 
Then, when the opportunity came to purchase 60 acres at the base of a new  ski resort overlooking the Jordanelle Reservoir, he realized he’d found “this  great sandbox where we could incubate our ideas and pull them together.” 
The undertaking is not inexpensive. The houses will range in size from 2,000  square feet to 8,500 square feet and cost between $4 million and $16  million. 
Chad knows they’re breaking new ground. 
“Holistic wellness integrated into a residential community does not exist  anywhere in the United States of America,” he says. “There are destination  resorts you can spend a week or two at and get your wellness treatments,  and then you go home to your unwell home and your unwell community.” 
Chad’s dream is that Velvære will start a trend and open the door to more  affordable communities focused on holistic well-being. 
“A lot of people I know that have everything money can buy, still the one  thing they value the most is their health,” he says. “The material things, they  checked that box and it was fun for a minute, but those material things  don’t give them quality of life. When you develop a sickness or chronic  illness there’s no amount of money people don’t try to spend to get  healthy.”
Construction of Velvære, a wellness community adjacent to Park City’s Deer Valley Resort,  is underway
on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022. 
Laura Seitz, Deseret News

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