7 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

7 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

Buyers and sellers of Park City real estate should always partner with a top-tier local agent when planning a home transaction. However, not all agents are equipped with the level of knowledge and experience needed to guide their clients toward a successful sale or purchase. When interviewing candidates and narrowing down the agents available, keep in mind these seven great qualities you want to watch out for.

1. Client-centered focus

The most important quality of any agent is a client-centered focus. Rather than pushing their own agenda or goals, they take the time to listen to their clients and understand what they need out of a home transaction.

For sellers, agents should inquire about a seller’s motivation for listing their home, whether it be to profit from an investment property or relocate for a job. For buyers, agents should ask questions that narrow down a buyer’s wants and needs for a new home and then tailor their search accordingly. In the end, you want to team up with a professional who keeps your goals at the forefront.

2. In tune with the local market

A top-quality agent will have a solid understanding of the Park City real estate landscape and can explain how recent and historical trends affect the housing market. Premier resort areas like Park City experience seasonal variations in their market trends. As a prime skiing destination, property prices and buyer demand are sky-high during the winter months. An excellent agent knows how to tailor a search and sale to the current and expected market conditions for the best chances of success.

3. Highly knowledgeable about the community’s amenities

You want to work with an expert agent who has local expertise and insight into Park City’s endlessly incredible amenities.

For buyers, your agent should be able to provide recommendations on specific neighborhoods, standout restaurants and shopping spots, entertainment venues, and — of course — recreational areas fit for a life of excitement.

From the world-renowned ski resorts at Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort to the fantastic golf courses, miles of biking trails, and beautiful ski-in/ski-out communities like Velvaere, there is no end to the adventures in Park City real estate. Agents who can guide buyers to the right neighborhood and help them feel connected to their new community are setting their clients up for success and future happiness. They play an essential role in helping buyers make an informed home purchase that they will be happy with for years to come.

On the flip side, sellers’ agents who are in tune with the community's appeal can more effectively market the property and generate interest. By leveraging community amenities in their marketing tactics, they can create a more compelling listing description that is sure to capture the attention of prospective buyers looking for a life of luxury and promise.

4. Exceptional communication skills

A great agent supports their client in the ways they need by keeping an open line of communication throughout the entire real estate process. An excellent agent shouldn’t be hard to contact, as a delayed response can have negative consequences for a home purchase or sale. For instance, buyers who can’t get ahold of their agent may miss out on the perfect listing, while sellers may miss out on responding to an offer in time.

To facilitate effective communication, an agent will ask about their clients’ preferred communication method, whether through text, email, or over the phone. Agents should also send regular updates to their clients and be available to address any questions or concerns. Effective listening skills are just as essential as clear communication, as this helps agents serve their clients well and respond to their needs.

5. Proactive about solving problems

A real estate transaction will involve numerous steps and processes, many of which must be completed simultaneously. This multi-faceted, complex journey can sometimes have setbacks or roadblocks along the way. A great Park City Realtor will be highly familiar with common problems and have the foresight to work around them. If any obstacles arise, they’ll address them without prompting and find a quick solution.

6. Expert marketing techniques

Marketing has a significant impact on the success of a home listing. Good agents use several methods of showcasing the property to attract as many potential buyers as possible. They’ll prepare a home listing for success by taking professional photos of the home and writing a polished listing description that highlights all of the property’s most impressive features.

Great agents don’t stop at listing a property on the MLS and hoping for the best. They’ll also market the home through their own website, use social media like Facebook and Instagram, and provide online resources to interested buyers. An agent will also search for interested buyers using their connections with buyers’ agents in the area and by scheduling and hosting in-person tours and open houses. A quality agent should always have a solid marketing strategy in place.

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty®️ syndicates listings to 10,000 websites and has an exceptional marketing team in place, promising optimal outreach for your property. Teaming up with a noteworthy agent who belongs to such an extensive professional network is a surefire way to get your home seen and sold in no time.

7. Trustworthiness

An exceptional agent is a professional who can be trusted by their clients to show up when they need help and represent their interests faithfully. They will look out for their clients by offering unbiased advice and guidance to help them make informed decisions aligned with their end goals. They’re honest with clients while still being empathetic to their position as a buyer or seller.

Ultimately, a great agent is someone you feel comfortable working with across all steps of the real estate journey. They’re approachable while still remaining professional and friendly, and you can trust them to be on your side.

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