6 Ways to Spot the Perfect  Move-In Ready Home

6 Ways to Spot the Perfect Move-In Ready Home

While Chip and Joanna Gaines make buying a fixer upper look fun, the reality is that renovations require a lot of time and money. A move-in ready home lets you enjoy your new purchase from the very first day while still being a great investment. If you’re in the market for move-in ready Park City luxury real estate and need guidance on what to look for when buying a house, read on for Keri Holland’s six ways to spot the perfect move-in ready home.

The house is structurally sound

Whether the home you’re considering is a new build or recently renovated, have a professional inspector make sure the structure is in great shape, including the foundation, electrical system, plumbing, windows, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and roof.

For homes that have been recently renovated, make sure the renovations were done up to code. Work with your realtor to check with the city or county to see whether the proper permits and inspections were completed. When considering an older home, confirm that the electrical system and plumbing have been updated to modern standards. Even if you are purchasing a new-construction home, confirm that the home passed all inspections.

To make doubly sure the structure and systems are in good order, hire a professional inspector to complete a thorough inspection of the home. This is typically done after the offer has been accepted but before closing. Sometimes sellers will complete inspections prior to listing to expedite the buying process. Make sure to carefully review any and all inspections to make sure your potential new home is truly move-in ready. An experienced real estate agent can help you review these inspections to alert you of any troubling findings.

The layout is functional

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After confirming that the bones of the Park City luxury house are in good shape, the layout is probably the next most important element. Maybe you prefer a completely open floor plan or you like a traditional dedicated formal dining room and kitchen. Some buyers need a separate home office while others need a playroom for their children’s toys. Consider what functional needs you have and how that would be accommodated by your new home’s floor plan. Walls are not always easy to move, and you may find yourself looking at a major renovation if you don’t pay special attention to the flow of the home.

The appliances meet your needs

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Are you an amateur chef who requires a high-end stove and oven? Or maybe you’re a wine connoisseur looking for built-in wine storage. Whatever the case, pay special attention to the appliances that are in the home and make sure they’re part of the sale if you like them.

The interior finishes match your style

Whether you’re looking for a modern farmhouse or a rustic mountain lodge, a move-in ready home should match your style to avoid a long list of renovation projects. Some elements are easy to swap out like paint colors, light fixtures, or hardware. But finishes like cabinets, flooring, countertops, and tile will require a lot more time and money to change. Also look for cohesive choices throughout the home. Don’t get distracted by a newly renovated kitchen when the primary bathroom is stuck in another era.

A fully furnished home is the ultimate convenience

Many home buyers find themselves buying all new furniture to match the style and layout of their new home. While this is fun for some, for others it can be a time-consuming process, particularly with supply-chain issues and long lead times on furniture orders. If you like the furniture that’s currently in the home, eliminate this hassle by asking to purchase the home furnished. Your real estate agent can assist you in negotiating a fair price on the furniture and structuring your offer accordingly.

The outdoor spaces are well-designed

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It’s easy to fall in love with a fully renovated, move-in ready home and forget about the outdoor spaces. To ensure that you can take full advantage of Park City’s stunning scenery, explore the home’s outdoor spaces. If you love to entertain, maybe that means an outdoor kitchen. Or maybe you have children or pets and you want a nice lawn and mature trees. If outdoor living is important to you, include this on your move-in ready checklist.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list and will vary from buyer to buyer. A seasoned real estate agent can help you uncover deficiencies in a property or help you hone in on exactly what you need in a move-in ready home. Even if you’re considering the purchase of a new construction home, a real estate agent can be tremendously helpful. Top-tier agent Keri Holland specializes in new developments, including the ski-in/ski-out wellness community in Mayflower Resort, and she has guided hundreds of clients find and purchase incredible new construction homes that impress and inspire at every turn. If you are interested in Park City luxury homes, she’d love to help you do the same. Reach out today.

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