The Ascent Park City Progress Video 

The Ascent is progressing in construction, especially due to the warmer weather. A lot of underground work has been completed in the parking garage in preparation for the Slab On Grade pours. We have also been working on a lot of details for the exposed concrete and where reveal joints will be as we are getting ready to place some of the first exterior exposed concrete. 

We are experiencing a shortage of cement right now as one of the cement plants in Delta had some equipment failure. This has caused the concrete batch plants to ration the concrete within the county and has slowed our progression of placing concrete. We are being told things should start to look better soon. 

To avoid any material delays, many materials on the project have been purchased and are being stored. All the wood for the project has been purchased and is being stored including framing material and the cedar siding. In addition, most of the lighting, electrical and mechanical equipment has been purchased and is being stored. This is something we're watching and tracking closely so material supply does not become an issue for the project. Overall, the project is progressing and we're happy with the quality we are seeing.

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